Baby Bumps Therapy

When expecting doesn’t go as expected

Baby Bumps was founded with the reality that the journey into motherhood (parenthood) is not always a smooth process. Many of us experience bumps along the way. Some of these “bumps” may include an unplanned pregnancy, fertility issues, miscarriage, fetal diagnosis, child loss, postpartum depression, breastfeeding problems, single parenting, relationship issues, intrusive thoughts, or simply adjusting to parenthood and finding a new normal.  These are difficulties that we just don’t expect to face as we plan to have a family.

People don’t tend to talk about these issues. Many of us feel it is too private and personal to share, some sense that since others are not talking about it perhaps it’s not appropriate, other’s who aren’t going through such issues can be uncomfortable and respond insensitively, and for those with postpartum depression, we feel that we’re not supposed to feel this way and what would people think if they knew?

Baby Bumps realizes the importance of having a safe, supportive and authentic place to talk and process through some of these difficulties. It’s freeing to know that you are not the only one. It’s healing to express your feelings in a place where you are accepted and your journey normalized. It’s calming to know that you can get through this.

Starting a family is also a time when relationships are challenged and couples are required to adapt to a new level of normal.  Often partners feel displaced by the new baby or the relationship is challenged as each parent adapts to their new roles.  Baby Bumps helps couples navigate these challenges through enhanced communication and bridging the gaps of misunderstanding, bringing a deeper level of understanding of each others desires and needs.

Baby Bumps understands that as women and their partners walk through these times it can be difficult to have the emotional and physical energy to come to another appointment.  Tina will offer Zoom and/or telephone sessions so that you have ease of access to psychotherapy support during this challenging time of transition. 

If you are trying to navigate through postpartum depression or any of these other transitional issues, you do not need to walk this journey alone.


Psychotherapy Fees:

$155 per 50 minute session

Method of payment: Etransfer and major credit cards .

Psychotherapy sessions are often covered by your extended health insurance provider.  Tina’s services are covered by Sun Life, Great West Life, Blue Cross, Green Shield, and SSQ.  Please consult your provider regarding your specific coverage plan for psychotherapy services with a Registered Psychotherapist.

Psychotherapy services may also be claimed on your personal taxes.